Environmental Policy

Commitment to Excellence

Asiatan has been proudly awarded a Gold Rating by the Leather Working Group (LWG) for its continued emphasis on environmentally sustainable business practices.

As an environmentally progressive tannery, we are continuously looking to adopt and implement new ideas in the tannery process to reduce our environmental impact.

From being amongst the first tanneries in Jiangmen to put an end to the use of steam boilers in the tanning process to the use of only water based chemicals in the finishing process, we are continuously looking to adopt and implement to reduce our environmental impact.

We also work closely with raw material and chemical suppliers to offer the most sustainable and environmentally aware products.

ENVIRONMENTAL STANDARDS: Asiatan commits to and fulfills all Guangdong Jiangmen EPA standards and local/national environmental regulations.

GREEN CHEMISTRY / RESTRICTED SUBSTANCES CONTROL: Asiatan uses eco-friendly chemicals in the drum process and conforms to the Asiatan Restricted Substance Standards (RSL) which is based on standards set by the world’s biggest shoe manufacturing brands.

POLLUTION CONTROL: Asiatan monitors and reduces Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Waste, Water Effluents and Noise levels by continuously testing and adopting new methods.

RESOURCE CONSUMPTION: Monitoring and Minimizing Energy and Water Consumption on Tannery Premises is the collective goal and responsibility of all our personnel.

WORKER SAFETY: Asiatan provides a safe working environment for everyone thru mandated use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), periodic worker safety training and Monthly Internal Safety Audits.

EMERGENCY PROCEDURE: Teams for Fire, Health Safety and Emergency Action are trained to provide guidance on proper safety protocol ensuring environmental, public and employee safety.

COLLECTIVE PLEDGE: All personnel are provided appropriate training and awareness to ensure that Asiatan can achieve all Environmental goals and Safety Standards.

ASIATAN Environmental Management System (EMS)

Asiatan puts environmental management at the heart of its operations to achieve sustainable success. Asiatan is ISO 14001 certified; an international standard for organizations that fulfil their environmental obligations and reduce the impact of their operations on the environment.

Asiatan EMS maps out a framework to follow, using which we constantly assess our environmental performance.

Asiatan EMS is integrated with the leather manufacturing process to help improve and manage resources more effectively. All inputs including raw materials, water, energy and chemicals are managed to optimize resource consumption while reducing Asiatan’s environmental impact.

Asiatan Environmental internal audits and review meetings are conducted on a monthly basis with the aim to improve our environmental standards.

Asiatan documents every aspect of its environmental performance which enables us to identify opportunities to improve while providing a benchmark for comparison against other tanneries. By closely monitoring and implementing energy, waste and water reduction programs, we continue to minimize our energy and material input; thereby reducing our ecological footprint.

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Green Chemistry – Enhanced Processing

Asiatan is dedicated to constantly improving its manufacturing processes, facilities and business to include better and cleaner technology.

Air Emissions

In order to reduce air emissions, Asiatan uses 100% eco-friendly and water based chemicals in its process and conforms to the Asiatan Material Restricted Substance Standards (MRSL) which is based on standards set by the world’s biggest shoe manufacturing brands.

At the same time, we continue to carry out improvement measures to reduce air emissions. In 2008 – 2009, Asiatan stopped the usage of its coal-fired boiler; realizing zero release of waste flue gas.

Spray process uses LVMP spray guns in which the transfer efficiency is much higher and there is saving in chemical consumption, from the source to reduce emissions.

Effluent, Waste Water Treatment

Asiatan uses 100% eco-friendly and water based chemicals, reduces and replaces the chemicals which contain chromium, ammonia or nitrogen.

Waste water from drum is pre-treated by the chrome removal system, and all the waste water is collected and treated by the ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant)

Asiatan has an environmental laboratory to test the Daily pollutant indexes, to ensure that it is complying with enforced limits.

Control of Manufacturing Processes

Asiatan is devoted to reducing the presence of chemicals in the manufacturing process. Therefore Asiatan eliminated most of solvent-based products in the finishing process.

The tannery is ISO 14001 certified – which is one of the highest certifications for responsible manufacturing given to a tannery.

Resource Use (Water, Energy consumption)

Asiatan records and analyzes its Water and Energy consumption. Meetings and discussions are held regularly to monitor changes, based on which Asiatan carries out measures for the improvement.

Examples include Asiatan stopping the use of coal-fired boiler and the use of electricity instead of coal to significantly reduce energy consumption.

Heat pumps are also used to improve thermal performance.

In order to reduce water consumption, Asiatan uses super load drums instead of traditional drum.

Other Practices implemented by Asiatan that enhances our leather’s environmental profile include:

  • • Biodegradable wetting agents in Wet-end
  • • Optimized dyestuffs in Wet-end
  • • Improvement in finishing systems to reduce waste
  • • Conduct Monthly Internal Environmental/Safety/ Housekeeping Audits
  • • Set Quantifiable Targets for Environmental Improvement each year


Keeping in mind the health and safety of the consumer and the environment, Asiatan follows strict guidelines for the procurement of raw materials and in the manufacture of leather with regards to Restrictive Substances.

The Asiatan RSL/ MRSL Standard is based on the most stringent worldwide legislation and RSL guidelines set forth by some of the largest footwear manufacturing brands.

All suppliers of Asiatan raw materials have to consent to abide by the Asiatan RSL/ MRSL Standards.

Additionally, all leather and chemicals are put through rigorous third party testing by accredited labs thru the year to make sure that Asiatan RSL standards are complied with.

Click here for Asiatan RSL Standards


Asiatan is continually trying to find new ways to recycle water, storage and packaging material.

The following are just some of the ways in which Asiatan uses recycling to reduce its ecological footprint.

  • • Asiatan recycles used water back into the facility, from drum cleaning to re-drumming during the tanning process.
  • • Recycled water is used in the manufacturing process for the washing of leather and in the formula for particular leathers during drumming.
  • • Asiatan only purchases and uses recycled cardboard packaging, for packing and shipping of finished leather to its customers.
  • • Asiatan only purchases and uses wooden pallets made of recycled compressed wood for packing and shipping.
  • • Used chemical plastic containers are cleaned and re-purposed for storage within the facility.
  • • Polyethylene wrap is re-used in the packing and storage of wet blue leather in the facility.
  • • Shaving waste is collected and sent for the manufacturing of particle board


We have adopted a series of measures that help in reducing the carbon dioxide per square metre of leather produced.

Asiatan’s calculated value of CO2 per sq. meter of leather produced is 4.20. TecTuff is among the leaders in the industry with a value of 2.69.

Some of the measures implemented by Asiatan to reduce the carbon footprint of its leather include:

  • • Asiatan does not incinerate any materials on its premises.
  • • The boiler, which is the main source of CO2 emissions has been shut down and not used since 2008 – 2009.
  • • All air emission points are monitored/ checked for gaseous emissions by spray machines.
  • • Asiatan only uses water soluble chemicals in the leather manufacturing process to minimize emissions. No solvent-based chemicals are used.
  • • All tests for air emissions pass China Central and Local Government Regulatory Standards.
  • • No substances containing CFC (Chlorofluorocarbon)/ PFOA (Perflourooctanoic Acid) are used in the leather manufacturing process.
  • • Asiatan regularly monitors, assesses, and creates action plans to reduce electricity consumption.

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