Asiatan leather is 100% guaranteed to come from reputable and responsible sourcing. To that end, we and our suppliers work to ensure that our raw material can be traced all the way back to the group of farms where animals were raised and those individual hides can be tracked all the way to the shoe factory. 

There’s no doubt where the hides came from

Our supply partners employ cutting edge technologies to safeguard the origins of our hides to ensure that they come from areas that…

  • Don’t contribute to deforestation
  • Come from reputable and legal suppliers
  • Have the highest animal husbandry practices

Secure sourcing through technology

Our strategic sourcing leverages cutting edge technology to ensure environmental and sustainable best practices.

  • GPS tracking
  • Blockchain traceability
  • Animal welfare

Hides can be traced using the JBS online tracking tool JBS360 to find the farm group, batch and date of each hide. Skins are stamped using an alphanumeric code that tracks the skin from the slaughterhouse/tannery all the way to the shoe factory.

Tracking stamp on hide. Year : Slaughterhouse/Tannery : Week : Day